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Counter Strike

Welcome to our Counter-Strike Dedicated Server and cstrike tools homepage!


Dear Friends! Welcome to our website dedicated to our Counter-Strike server. Please feel free to contact us if you have any suggestion about what to add on our website . We hope you will have fun on our website and maybe we will create friendships based on Counter-Strike tools and tricks . All public discussion will be hold on our forum!

All Players are invited to register on our forum .

Our Counter-Strike 1.6 Server is Cs.CsBesTiaL.CoM

The most beautiful way to add our server to Favorites:

Step 1 : Download the archive GameMenu.rar

Step 2 : Go to your Counter-Strike steam folder
(e.g. : C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\USERNAME\counter-strike\cstrike)

Step 3 : Create new folder "resource" (If you don`t have it there ) and place the archive in that new folder.

Step 4 :Extract the archive

Step 5 : It might ask you if you desire to replace the existing file (if there is any) Select Yes

Step 6 : All done. Now just reopen the Counter-Strike game and you will notice a new button that you can use as a shortcut to connect to our cstrike server

Now you can enjoy Counter Strike

Counter Strike

Thank you for your time !


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