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Counter Strike

Requirements for the Counter Strike Server Admin`s!


1. On the Counter Strike server you must play correctly (no codes)

2. On the Counter Strike server you must respect all other admins

3. To be a constantly player on the server

4. Not to use strange nicks

5. Not to use different nicks

6. To be registered on the FORUM

7.To have at least 45 Posts on the forum forum

8. Optional ... use Steam

9. Don`t use your administrator position just to "harm" the other players


All you need to do next is to click on Contact .. Complete the form.. and you will receive an answer with whatever you will need else to have admin or if you will/or not be granted with admin access on the server.


What happens to the cheaters  cheaters

on this server ?


They get banned as soon as they are discovered ...Or they get banned and ...


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