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Counter Strike

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Counter-Strike Boom!

Shoot with the gun in all that moves because if you don`t they will.
Use your mouse - left click to shoot enemy.
Kill as many as possible soldiers.

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Counter-Strike Source!

You are a terrorist, You placed the bomb and need to protected agains the counters .
Use your mouse to aim , with left click you shoot and with "a" and "d" you move to the right and left. Your weapon has 32 bullets, After you have no more bullets the weapon reloads automatically but it lasts some seconds .


Counter-Strike elite!

Here are 4 levels of Counter-Strike that you can use to train yourself and maybe become a small cs guru
Use your mouse to aim and shoot. The purpose is to hit as many as possible the targets close to the center because this way you can have a great score., You can choose one of these 4 levels of Counter-Strike (Cia Ho, Factory, Dust, Storm).


Play NOW !Counter-Strike Training

If you want to train on cstrike then you are in the right place.... on the battlefield.
Use your mouse to aim and shoot both counters and terrorist (here you need to shoot them all) and use left click to shoot and when you are off ammunition use right click on the button below (right side) where it says reload .

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