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Amx_hook si grab
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Cont Blocat

Data Inscrierii: 26/Iul/2011
Mesaje: 304
Locatie: Ploiesti


2012-02-11    cstrike Amx_hook si grab

Descriere: ofera adminului/jucatorului o ''panza'' cu, care poate misca lucrurile.

Comanda pentru admin: Scrieti in consola ''amx_hook'' , cand ve-ti scrie ''amx_hook 1'' va fi activat(ca din deflaut)
Comanda pentru jucator:
1.Scrieti in consola ''bind x +hook'' si apasati x pentru a folosi panza.
2.Scrieti /hook in chat pentru a vedea informatiile legate de acest plugin.


// ******************  Hook Grab Settings  ******************

 //0 to disable hooking, 1 to enable hooking
 //sv_hook 1

 //If you are running my "out_of_bounds" plugin you may want it disabled when
 //you have the hook fully enabled. If you want this plugin to leave
 //"out_of_bounds" alone, then set this cvar to 0.
 //amx_hb_pl_kill 1

 //Default is 0, to enforce a 15 second delay on hooking
 //at round start so as to prevent spawn massacres set to 1.
 //amx_hook_spawndelay 0

 //Set to 1 to not allow vip to use hook. Set cvar to 0 to allow free vip roping
 //amx_hook_no_vip 1

 //This is number of times a player may use the hook each round. Default is
 //100. I would suggest setting to 2 or 3 per round to encourage strategic
 //usage of the hook rather than just having it be total craziness.
 //amx_hook_round 100

 //Switch to report number of hooks remaining in a round to a player if
 //that number drops to 10 or less. By default its on 1, set to 0 to turn off this report.
 //amx_rep_hcount 1

 //Hook Style - changes the style of the hook used
 //    0 - Classic hook style from orginal plugin
 //    1 - SpaceDudes Reel Hook
 //    2 - SpaceDudes AutoReel Hook
 //    3 - Cheap Kids AutoReel
 //amx_hook_style 0

 //Move accelaration is only used in hook styles 1 and 2
 //It is the rate at which you can move in the air while on the hook line
 //amx_hook_moveacc 150

 //Reel Speed is only used in hook styles 1 and 2
 //It is the rate at which you can reel in the hook line
 //amx_hook_reelspeed 400

 //Cheap Reel Speed is only used in hook style 3
 //It is the rate at which the hook line reels in
 //amx_hook_creelspeed 800

Schimbarea log-ului:
v1.3.1 - JTP10181 - 10/16/04

* Updated for AMXModX 0.20

v1.3 - JTP10181 - 07/10/04

• S-ar putea sa intalniti bug-uri in caz ca serverul dvs nu este de protocol 47+48;
• Vi-l recomand la Zombie Mod, Hero;
• S-au scos toate codurile pentru votari, asa ca foloseste amx_customvotes;
• Cam aici gasiti si ceea ce ar v-ar mai trebui :

Comenzile adminului:
amx_custvote - Arata meniul de votari
amx_custvote #2 - Incepe a doua votare
amx_custvote matrix - Incepe voatarea pentru a declansa "matrix"
amx_custvote #2 off - Dezactiveaza votarea publica pentru #2
amx_custvote #2 save - Salveaza rezultatele publice ca deflat #2
amx_custvote #2 on save - Activeaza votarea publica pentru #2 si le salveaza in deflaut

amx_custcancelvote - Opreste votarea respectiva


//Config file for amx_customvotes.sma
 //Created by jtp10181

 //This file belongs at <configs_dir>/custvote.cfg

 //Sample Config Entry
 //The vote can be activated by saying "vote_trigger"
 //D    "Description used in results"
 //Q    "Vote question¿"
 //Y    "YES question choice"
 //N    "NO Answer choise"
 //H    "Help line to be displayed if vote succeeds"
 //The following two can be cvars settings or any server command
 //YC    "server command to run if vote passes"
 //NC    "server command to run if vote failes"
 //The following can be set to different modes and is optional
 //    * -1 - No timer checking
 //    *  0 - Use plugin global timer (default if not set)
 //    *  1 - Use server global timer (same as adminvote)
 //    *  2 - Use vote specific timer
 //TM    0

 D    "Matrix Jumping"
 Q    "Do you want Matrix style jumping¿"
 Y    "Hand me the red pill!"
 N    "No thanks"
 YC    "sv_airaccelerate -15"
 NC    "sv_airaccelerate 10"

 D    "Grappling Hook"
 Q    "Allow the Grappling Hook¿"
 Y    "Yes, I want to Hook
 N    "No, the Hook is stupid"
 YC    "sv_hook 1"
 NC    "sv_hook 0"
 H    "- Say /hook for help"
 TM    2


Logul schimbat:
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2012-02-11    cstrike

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By Bogdan Maxim. Published in the Counter-strike 1.6 Download category